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Submission Deadline has been Extended until December 30, 2009. Please submit your Music Video ASAP!
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2008 winners announced

The iMVA's recognizes excellence in creating Music Videos in a variety of categories which include:

best video of the year
best male video  
best female video
best group video

best rap video
best r&b video
best hip hop video
best dance video
best rock video
best pop video
best alternative video
best punk video
best country music video
best reggae video
best easy listening video
best world music video
best new artist

best video under $25,000
best video under $1000.00
best direction
best editing
best cinematography
best choreography
best special effect
best art direction
best styling/costume
best makeup

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Video of the Month
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love
Fascination Records



International Music Video Awards

The International Music Video Awards are a global contest that not only recognizes but also pays homage to the most innovative and talented music video creators from around the globe annually. The iMVA has a mission to seek out the best of the industry and to promote their work, their talent, and their hard work in creating music videos that are original, new, fresh, creative, charged and out of the box. By scouring the world, the iMVA will recognize those who have not only mastered their craft, but also surpassed the limits that have previously been set.

The iMVA is the largest independent music video competition in the world and are able to judge solely based on content of work due to the fact that we are not affiliated with any established production companies, record labels, musicians etc. This also allows us to open the doors not only to established, seasoned professionals, but also to amateurs and non-professionals alike.

For those that are indeed new to the world of music video creation, the iMVA provides a tangible method of gaining valuable exposure and notoriety amongst the more established members of the music video field and also to music professionals seeking to hire future music video creators. The global presence of the iMVA ensures that your creativity and skill will be showcased to the world’s largest population of music video experts and professionals from cinematographers, videographers, producers, directors, musicians, production designers etc as well as letting your global peers see and celebrate each others work.

In today’s visual music market, it is so important for musicians and record labels to have strong music videos to carry and support their music. It is therefore a much sought after skill to be a creative and diligent music video maker today - someone that record labels are always searching for to compliment their artist. Winning competitors for the iMVA will have the opportunity to be exposed to various record labels around the world. Although the iMVA are not affiliated with any particular record label, we have in fact networked with both online and offline distributors that will showcase your work to potential employees!

Winning a coveted iMVA award is not only a great way to gain added exposure and notoriety, it is also an esteemed award that is looked upon as the Oscars of the music video world; to win one is truly a lifetime achievement and something that every music video creator strives to obtain.

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